How to findout someone’s Birthday?

Birthdays are so special in everyone’s life. But what if you have a bad memory of forgetting the birthdays? Obviously, you will have to note it down somewhere. Again you will end up searching for the note you have written.

Even if you have marked in the calendar, you may forget to check the calendar or you may not even have time to look the birthday. Then, how will you remember your birthday or the birthday of your loved ones? You will definitely have to choose the Birthday Finder app. Through this app, you can instantly record the birthdays of your nearest and dearest ones, your boss and co-workers, and surprise them by wishing on their birthdays. Even if you don’t remember others birthday, wishing your boss by wishing first, would be really impressive and appreciable. Such kind of attitude might become one of the very essential factors to get uncertain promotion in your career.

Birthday Finder

5 Amazing Ways to findout someone’s Birthday

Below are some of the amazing ways to findout someone’s birthday.

Grab Info from Social Media Sites

You can grab information through social media websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Just move to the basic info page to grab the birthday info from these pages. Else, you can simply become friends with the person you wish to know the birth date in the Facebook. It will simply send you the notification about the birthday of your dear ones.

Know the Birthday through Stones

You can easily know someone’s birthday through the stones they wear. Some people wear finger rings with specific stones as per the birth date and zodiac sign. Hence, looking at the color of the stones, you can easily make-out the zodiac sign and through the zodiac sign, you will be able to find the month of your birth. If you know the month, slowly you can grab information about the specific day or date on which that person is born.

Use Some Interesting Tricks

Just sit in a group and ask everyone to give their date of birth, so that you can tell their astrology, and no one will doubt you. All people give their birthday information themselves. You can note all these birthdays for your reference and surprise each and every one in the group wishing them on their birthday.

Ask their Passport

This is another method of knowing the person’s birthday with ease. You can get the birthday information clearly on the passport. Just note it down for future use. Your friends or relatives, etc., would definitely get surprised about your wishes. They will definitely feel happy that you remembered their birthday.

Talk about your Birthday

Keep talking about your birthday infront of your friends, and tell them that your birthday is nearing. Your birthday is coming in the next month or next week, etc. This will force them to talk about their birthday on their own without having to ask them about their birthday. But, there are some people who still hide their birthday, and you can ask them casually about their birthday in such case.