If you are forgetful even in the birthdays of your dear ones, probably you will lose the faith of those who loves you. To show the gratitude to your dear ones, at least you must remember their birthdays so that you can wish and please them. And it is obvious that one person cannot remember birthdays of so many people. But, you can note the birthdays in either normal or digital calendars, or in your personal diaries. By doing so, you will know your sweet hearts birthday and wish them in advance to see the beautiful smile on their face.

One of the best ways is to go with the Birthday Finder app, which reminds you through alert messages, notification or alarm. However, you must know your dear one’s birthday to set the alarm or any other alerts. To find out someone’s birthday, you can go through some of the ways below.

Birthday Finder

Browse Search Engines to findout Birthdays

For this, you can go with Google or Yahoo search to know the birth date just by giving the first name and last name of the person, whose birth date you are looking for. Actually, there are plenty of online tools to find out the birthday. You can choose the one that you find more compatible.

There are several methods to findout birthdays. Amongst them, you can choose the free methods to findout the birthdays. Find any free tools in the search engines and install in your mobile or in your personal computers. If you browse the search engines, you will be able to find several apps or tools that are compatible to either mobile or computers. There are even such apps which are compatible to both mobiles and computers.

Access the Birthday Information through Facebook

Similar to other information, even Facebook highlights the date of birth of all those people who have entered their birthday. Even it sends the notification through the mail as well as in the Facebook about the birthdays. So, you can get all these details in the Facebook page itself.

Go with Creative Methods to know Birthdays

Instead of struggling for finding the birthdays, you can use online directories to search for the online profiles of the person you are looking for. So that, you can easily findout the birthday of the person you are looking for with ease. But, what if that person doesn’t have any online account? This may become a most hectic job. And you will have to findout some creative methods in searching for the birthday.

Some of the creative methods is the announcing of your own birthday and talking frequently about your birthday that should make the people reveal their birthday by themselves. Else, you can try praising or reminding the birthdays of the legends or celebrities may it be from sports or movies, etc. You can talk about Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday with your friends, the day or date he was born so that your friends will pretend themselves to talk about their birthdays if they are born on the same month that Sachin Tendulkar born. Not just Sachin, you can also talk about other celebrities, and know your friends’ birthday. Is it not a creative way of knowing someone’s birthday?

Actually, it is so easy to ask directly about their birthday. But, what if they are too close to you and if you ask their date of birth, won’t it be embarrassing? Hence, it becomes essential for you to know about their birthdays without their knowledge.

How to know someone’s Birthday without their Knowledge?

One of the best methods is to watch if the person is wearing finger ring that has a stone. If so, you can simply guess that the stone that is worn is the birthstone. The colour of the stone depends upon the birth’s zodiac sign. So, once you know the colour of the stone, you will know the zodiac sign, and when the zodiac sign is known, you will know the month on which the person was born. It is a simple logic. However, you need to use some tricks to know the exact date.

Check Sent Messages: Likewise, you can use various tricks and gimmicks to findout someone’s birthday without their knowledge. If you have already wished your close friend or someone special in the last year, you can check the sent messages in your mobile history. In case you have sent any online messages or online greeting cards, you can still find in the history. If you have deleted the messages, then you can check if you have gifted anything to your loved ones on their birthday.

Check Bank Statements: If you remembered the gift that you gifted, then check your bank account statement that is spent on the gift. Else, check your statement if you sent any online gift or any gift coupon to that special person. You will definitely find the date and item name in the bank statement.

Write Sticky Notes: If you don’t have any online account, or have not done any online transaction, then you can simply make a general discussion about the birthdays in your group holding the sticky note. Note all your friends or colleagues birthday in your sticky note or in a diary. However, just noting down the birthday, does not remind their birthdays. You must open the notes and view it daily to know whose birthday lies today. If you rarely open the dairy or view the sticky note what is the use of noting down? So, the best idea is to go with the birthday finder app.

Install the Application: The Birthday Finder app does not just allow you to search for the person’s birthday, but also sends alarm and notifications about the person’s birthday. Such an application would definitely help you to wish your favourite person on time. Not just on time, you can wish them in advance. Also, you can buy some beautiful gifts for the person you love the most and give them a great surprise by wishing them along with the beautiful gift, which would please them a lot.